DISSEMINATION EVENT E1 – 01 October 2021  :  9.45 Am– 13.30 pm

Rome, via Cavour 50


The Support Me project partners (Erasmus +  Strategic Partnership) convened at the Cavour Congressional Center in Rome on the 1st of October to welcome both national and international participants, and to present their Support Me user-friendly guide entitled “Practical guide for trainers and volunteers to train non-EU migrants.”.

The Italian partners of the project, Valentina Fabbri and Laura Bianco of  Programma Integra, a social cooperative promoting the social inclusion and the autonomy of migrants and refugees, which organized the event, received the 70 participants on behalf of the partnership.

Project coordinators Anne Larramendy and Marie Josée Duranton of the INSUP training center presented the background behind the project, as well as its goals, intellectual outputs and awaited outcomes.

Sabine Wiemann of BUPNET, the german partner, detailed the 4 composing chapters of the guide: Knowledge of migratory phenomena, Managing the cultural diversity of the group, Addressing the migratory journey, Managing wellness elements; as well as the three educational contents developed for the intercultural modules DIME.

Four informationally rich presentations, which were in direct link with the subjects touched in the Support Me guide, were given during the day:

  • Professor at the University of La Sapienza, Isabella Chiari presented “Linguistic identity and inclusion of migrants in Italy and in Europe”. She began her presentation by quoting Maalouf (2007) : “Identity cannot be divided into sealed compartments, it cannot be divided into halves or thirds, I do not have distinct identities, I have only one, containing all of the elements that it is composed of, and shaped according to a specific quantity that varies from one person to another.”
  • Amnesty International’s Riccardo Noury, presented on the “Migratory routes and the issues of the fundamental rights in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe”
  • InMigrazonione’s Simone Andreotti, presented the “Operator skills that need developing in order to facilitate the integration of migrants”
  • Aspic Lovoro’s Ekaterini Anagnostopoulos, spoke on the subject of “Trauma and ways to help migrants overcome it”. As an accredited Pyschologist, Ekaterini insisted on the influence of the interdependent aspect in caregiver-person relationships. The caregiver is affected by the lived experiences of the person they’re helping, although these feelings aren’t verbalized. In the same instance, the caregiver introduces their own personal perspectives, emotions and affective state. There is an interaction between awareness and alertness.

The Support Me partners are continuing their work and are actually in the process of developing an educational method to facilitate the identification and recognition of the various transversal skills that migrants have (available in July of 2022, at the end of the project).

Discover the audios of the interventions (in English):