Intellectual outputs

The consortium proposes two intellectual outputs to better accompany the migrant public:
  • A practical guide composed of four chapters divided into three categories : concepts, tools, attitudes and pedagogical contents for the three intercultural modules of Dime project.

  • A pedagogical method to identify and value the migrants’ transversal skills
    • films excerpts, videos, migrants’ testimonies, analysis to sensitize trainers and volunteers to the competences
    • valuing tools : ten competence cards and digital badges to value the migrants’ transversal competences
    • pedagogical activities per competence
If you work as trainer or volunteer with migrant learners you can use our self-assessment tool to find out and evaluate where you stand in terms of your ability to promote, identify and assess the transversal competences of your learners. 
You can access the tool here:
You can repeat the assessment at any time to see how you are progressing after reading and applying our educational resources.

Practical guide

Pedagogical method