“Supporting trainers and volunteers to train migrants in Europe”

Held on July 8th, 2022, at Cap Métiers – 33600 Pessac

At the end of 3 years of reflection and work, the partners of the Support Me project (Erasmus+ strategic partnership) presented all their productions:


  • a guide of resources, tools and recommendations
  • pedagogical modules
  • a method for identifying and enhancing transversal skills (educational content and enhancement tools).

On this occasion, many speakers were present: Alpha Kaba, journalist, author of “Esclave des Milices”; Térésa Machado, sociolinguistic referent, pedagogical advisor at Clap Sud-Ouest (Centre Ressources Illetrisme Analphabétisme); Aleix Morilla Luchena, Doctor at the University of Huelva and volunteer with migrants spoke about the usefulness of these tools for professionals and volunteers and the need to reveal and enhance transversal competences, which are often under-estimated by the migrant public.

Sabine Wiemann from Bupnet, an adult education organisation, presented the intervention of Tim Schloze (unwell), Doctor at the University of Duisburg-Essen and President of the REVEAL network, on the benefits of validation of competences in non-formal and informal learning.

All these ouptus are accessible and the tools can be downloaded from the project website: